Support services such as counseling and behavioral interventions are fundamental components in all Lumin Wellness programs. The support provided by our counselors and clinicians helps our clients by assisting them in identifying triggers, developing coping skills, and improving their overall mental health.

Our counselors meet clients wherever they are in their journey and collaborate with them to create short-term and long-term goals, as part of an individualized treatment plan.

Group Therapy

Group therapy can be beneficial when treating people with opioid use disorders by assisting with the need to belong. Peer interaction and relating to others is often a vital part of the recovery process. Allowing clients to help themselves by helping others in the group, the clients feel less isolated and ashamed. Groups can provide emotional support and confrontation, along with information and understanding.

Family Counseling

Where possible, it is essential to collaborate with the client’s family. Psychosocial Education for families and clients’ support team can be a vital part of the client’s recovery, including assisting clients in learning how to communicate with their supports. We can educate family members on communicating with the client or facilitate behavioral therapy. At Lumin Wellness, we encourage network therapy. In doing so, we encourage friends and relatives to meet to discuss how best to support their loved one.

Individual Counseling Sessions

In individual therapy sessions, clients will be encouraged to work on processing feelings, understanding how to regulate emotions, especially related to their addiction, as well as other life events. Clients work with their dedicated counselor to develop a professional relationship built on trust and commitment to recovery.