To combat the devastating impact of the Opioid Epidemic, led by Behavioral Therapy, Lumin Wellness has assembled a team of clinicians, medical, and business leaders who have a Heart for Service, High Standards of Excellence, and a Passion to help Eliminate Suffering by Developing a World-Class, Community-Based, Opioid Treatment Program.​

We understand that opioid addiction does not result from moral failings or weakness. Many believe addiction can be overcome with sufficient willpower, but these beliefs are a significant barrier to treatment. Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain that will progress without treatment. 

At Lumin Wellness, we focus on physical, mental, and emotional recovery. We understand that the FDA-approved medication prescribed in medication-assisted recovery is not the only treatment; it is just one of many tools we use to help in the journey to recovery. The medicine we prescribe effectively alleviates withdrawal sickness, and from there, we can counsel and support our clients.

We support our clients in all aspects of their lives, including mending and building personal relationships, work, and most importantly, giving them the skills and network of support to succeed in their fight for recovery.  Medication-assisted recovery can have a stigma, and we are here to break down the barriers clients in recovery face. Our goal is for our clients to spend less time waiting to dose and more time with counselors and support services.

When a patient enters recovery, their life has most likely become unmanageable, and we are here to assist them in healing and working towards healthy goals, and putting the pieces of their lives back together. At Lumin Wellness, we recognize that our clients may have legal, financial, family issues, and trauma. And these challenges might have started before or during their drug addiction, which they may be dealing with for the first time in years. This can be overwhelming and cause those in recovery to relapse without proper support. We have built community partnerships with social service agencies to help our clients in all aspects of their recovery, and to ensure that they are not alone or hopelessly overwhelmed at any point.

Lumin Wellness has built dynamic community partnerships with social service organizations to assist with an integrated approach to treating our clients. Clients have a greater success rate of recovery when they have access to job placement services, legal aid, financial counseling, and social services. Our staff will provide individualized referrals to outside agencies, resources, and healthcare providers so that our clients can have the resources they need to reach their goals and begin to rebuild their lives from the ground up.